Today, gaming is everywhere. Woven into our every day, to call out who the gamers are and aren’t, well... that’s old fashioned. Everyone is a gamer. And while the gaming industry hasn’t yet lived up to its promise of being accessible to everyone, at Loaded what has made us who we are is our belief that the bosses you’ve overcome in your life and career matter far more than any game.


Who We Are

Whether you’re hardcore or hardly the core audience, it doesn’t matter to us. Here, we’re working hard to be a place where any person who walks through our doors walks out everyday with a redefinition of what “career” and “work” can mean when one’s empowered to ask hard questions, encouraged to cut through bullsh%!, and surrounded but others who not only care about each other as people but who seek to build thing we’ve never seen before, together.

We’re People of Quality.
We explain our thinking with humility and are unafraid when challenged by new or opposing ideas. We’re capable of having a conversation about anything and do so with heartfelt transperency, honesty, and a willingness to be wrong about what we may, even passionately, believe.
We’re Caretakers.
People are at their best when they’re trusted to do their job, safe to share their opinions, and encouraged to make decisions on their own. As such, we’re tireless at ensuring our peers can always approach us on both their best and worst days and be treated with respect and care in return.
We’re Teachable.
We make mistakes, but we’re omnivorous learners and are unceasing in our path to personal and professional growth. We believe in the effectiveness of vulnerability and in the power of saying, “I don’t know.”
We Aren’t Silent About What’s Right.
When we see something that’s not right, we call it out by name and summon each other to destroy bad traditions and bad behaviors the moment they appear. We speak forwardly about what is right and are unafraid to use our influence and power to shift industries, clients, or coworkers, when we need to.
We Play Hard.
Our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, as people, deeply matter. We look out for our own well-being and the well-being of those around, ensuring it’s culturally encouraged to rest and relax as needed or desired. We have fun and never leave anyone uninvited to do so.
Some of the

of working at Loaded

The Perks
  • Free Games
  • Taco Rewards Program
  • Game Play Days
  • Cell Phone Coverage
  • Themed Events + Parties
  • Home Internet Coverage
  • Bi-Weekly Catered Lunch
  • In-Office Snack Bar
What We’re Playing
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